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Exploring Cannabis Oil’s Role in Chronic Pain Management Solutions

Grok’s Science Podcast with Dr Caplan – All about Dr Caplan and medical cannabis, exploring new depths in cannabis science and policy

New study on cannabis use disorder and effective way to treat it. BUT, I don’t think it’s a real disorder as it currently exists. Read on!

Here’s the new study

And separately here are MY thoughts all about Cannabis Use Disorder

A tour through the benefits and concerns with Rescheduling Cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3 – Medical, Business, Social, and more!

Doctor discussing cannabis rescheduling benefits
Exploring the New Horizons in Cannabis Medicine

Explore the nuanced interplay between adolescent mental health, cannabis use, and binge drinking in this enlightening blog post.

Unlock the secrets of medical cannabis on the go! Grab your 60% off on my audiobook now and transform any moment into a learning opportunity. 🎧🌿

Xylazine now being found in THC vapes – read more here

Cover of The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook featuring a green medical plus symbol
Unlock the world of medical cannabis with The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook.

Unveiling the Complexities of Cannabis Use in Breastfeeding: A Sober Dive into Science and Stigma: Cannabis and breastfeeding

My blog response to the recent JAMA article about the cardiovascular risks of cannabis smoking

Blazing Trails in Cannabis Knowledge: A Light-hearted Take on Serious Science about Combustion of Cannabis

Exploring the intricate dance between medical and recreational cannabis amidst the rescheduling debate—join the conversation on the crossroads of culture, health, and law

Can THCV replace a diabetic’s insulin? In a double-blind, randomized controlled trial, THCV significantly decreased fasting plasma glucose and improved pancreatic β-cell function (increased insulin output) compared to placebo. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27573936/

…and here is a video interview of Dr Caplan speaking with Dr Mike Hart on the topic

Purchase a personalized copy of The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook (inscribed by Dr Caplan) here

Cannabis and its effects with Glaucoma management: Explore the transformative role of cannabis in managing glaucoma, enhancing joy, and fostering connections in our latest insightful post

Weed and Politics: An Unlikely Pair: Will Cannabis Swing the Election in 2024?!

Dr Caplan comments on opioids and cannabis in this article on Medical News Today

Ask questions of The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook here, with the book’s Chat-GPT BOT!

Cover of The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook featuring a green medical plus symbol
Amazon: The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook

The Science of Cannabis in Fitness: Medical Insight on THC and CBD in Exercise

Hemp as a new type of pesticide?

Another article on this topic here

Dr Caplan’s “Cannabis GPT” bot that answers questions about The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook

Cannabis GPT
Talk to The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook

Tune in here to listen to Dr Caplan’s YouTube podcast on cannabis and heart health

An assortment of papers about overlap of cannabis and Nitric Oxide (canabis & cardiovascular risk)

2 papers that describe cannabinoid-based Nitric Oxide support: 



1 paper showing THC inhibiting NO:


2 papers showing that NO is coupled intimately to cardiovascular concerns:



2 papers showing the protective effects of NO:


2 papers showing that tobacco/vape flavorings and terpenes also impact NO:




News of cannabis-infused candy being mixed with Halloween candy

An Unforgettable Week: Dr. Benjamin Caplan’s Book Tour Journey for ‘The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook

Dr Caplan will be signing books at the Ayr Dispensary in Watertown, MA October 26, at 5-8pm EST

Struggling to Find Healthcare Solutions for Your Child with Special Medical Needs? We Can Help.

The Mysteries and Exciting Possibilities of THCV, and what it all means

Numbers Speak: Reduced Mental Health Admissions: State-by-State Analysis After Plant Medicine Legalization

The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook… on audiobook: linked here!

NETA Brookline book signing

Dr Caplan’s educational review of Gut MicroBiome, prebiotics, post-biotics, and cannabis!

Study Claims Marijuana Consumers Have Higher Sperm Counts

For Ohio recreational marijuana: What’s the fate of medical marijuana if voters approve adult use?

Cannabis Research Library

Diagrams from The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook

Cannabis Cookbook

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