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Welcome to my professional page, where you can discover my dedication to the evolving field of medical cannabis. I’m excited to share my work, my passion, and the innovations that are helping to shape this important area of healthcare.

I am a Family Physician with a specialization in Cannabis Medicine. My classical training has been the foundation for over twenty years of dedicated practice, applying evidence-based standards and scientific tools to the treatment of medical cannabis patients. While I’ve been honored as one of the 100 most influential individuals in cannabis, I see this recognition as a testament to the collective efforts of many in this growing field.

My work has been focused on research involving patient care and the development of new formulations. Through continuous exploration, I’ve gained insights into the nuances of cannabis medicine, insights that I strive to share across the medical landscape. I’ve served as Principal Investigator for multiple studies and have had the privilege to publish in esteemed journals like the New England Journal of Medicine. My ongoing clinical research aims to understand the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis for a growing population of patients, both nationally and internationally.

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Benjamin Caplan, MD | Chief Medical Officer, CED Clinic, LLC |
​163 Highland Ave, #1035, Needham, MA 02494 | +16175003595 | | CED Clinic | CED Foundation | EO Care | Green AXS Capital | The Doctor-Approved Cannabis Handbook