Arkansas October Cannabis Sales Up in Volume, Down in Revenue

Arkansas October Cannabis Sales Up in Volume, Down in Revenue

Arkansas’ medical industry sold more for less.

Arkansas’ medical cannabis industry sold 5,427 pounds of medical marijuana worth $22.5 million in October, according to new figures released Monday by the state’s Department of Finance and Administration.

Last year, medical patients in the Arkansas spent nearly $23.4 million for 4,588 pounds during the same month, according to Southwest Times Record. The state also reported about $23 million in average sales during both September and August.

The sales data for October show that the state continues to see a modest rise in total overall sales this year, with patients spending approximately $234 million from January to October, slightly higher than the $228.4 million reported during the same period last year.

Still, the revenue figures show how the price of medically legal cannabis in the state is being driven down by a growing supply of the crop.

Arkansas’ tax revenue from medical marijuana sales has reached $25.9 million this year, contributing to a total of more than $115.35 million since 2019.

The Arkansas Department of Health also reported an increase in active medical marijuana patient cards, up to 97,646 from 89,855 in January.

Suite 443 in Hot Springs led the dispensaries in sales volume, selling 505 pounds. Natural Relief Dispensary in Sherwood followed with 429 pounds sold.

Sales figures from individual dispensaries in October highlight the diversity in scale and distribution across the state’s program. While larger dispensaries like The Releaf Center and The Source in Bentonville reported sales exceeding 230 pounds each, smaller establishments such as Hash Co. in Pine Bluff reported sales figures as low as 8.38 pounds.

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