Cookies Shutters High-Profile LA Store, Announces New York Entry

Cookies Shutters High-Profile LA Store, Announces New York Entry

The Cookies founder said the company is actively looking for a new L.A. location.

California-based marijuana brand Cookies inked a deal to have its pre-rolled joints and vape cartridges carried by one of the few legal cannabis dispensaries in New York City, just days after the company also announced it was shuttering one of its most high-profile retail locations in Los Angeles.

Cookies Melrose, sandwiched between the iconic L.A. neighborhoods of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, is scheduled to close on Tuesday this week, company founder Berner said on Instagram last week.

“This one hurts, I’ve dreaded this day and having to make this announcement,” Berner wrote. “We’ve tried our hardest but haven’t been able to come to terms with our landlord.”

Berner said Cookies is “actively looking for another location” to move into, and pledged, “Cookies will be back in Hollywood with another incredible and timeless destination spot.”

Cookies remains one of the most dominant retail players in California, however, with more than 20 other locations scattered around the state, as well as many others across the country and internationally, according to the company website. A Cookies spokesperson said the company has 67 operational stores thus far, with more on the way “very soon” in California, Florida, Illinois and Maine.

Then on Monday, Cookies formally announced its New York debut, after solidifying a deal with Union Square Travel Agency in Manhattan. The deal was only possible after Cookies partnered with local distributor Highline Brands and manufacturing partner Final Bell, the company stated in a press release.

“Launching Cookies products in New York is a dream come true for me. I love this city, and we have been working hard to get products to the Big Apple,” Berner said in the release.

Cookies branded flower is also expected to launch in New York in 2024, following the initial release of its pre-rolls and vapes.

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