Fed cannabis sentencing guidelines change in effect (Newsletter: November 2, 2023)

Fed cannabis sentencing guidelines change in effect (Newsletter: November 2, 2023)

Trump team: DeSantis should try marijuana; PA legalization hearing; Study: CBD access reduces opioid Rx; Home values rise in legal cannabis states

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New U.S. Sentencing Commission guidelines amendments suggesting that federal judges treat prior marijuana possession offenses more leniently when making sentencing decisions have officially taken effect.

A campaign spokesperson for former President Donald Trump suggested that rival GOP contender Ron DeSantis should consume marijuana edibles to “to take the stress away” from his stagnant polling numbers.

The Pennsylvania House Health Subcommittee on Health Care held a hearing on marijuana legalization, with the chair suggesting that a state-run stores model is under consideration.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection is doubling the amount of marijuana that adult consumers can purchase in a single retail transaction.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is transferring nearly $17 million in  marijuana revenue to support programs aimed at veterans health, drug treatment and legal aid.

A top Department of Veterans Affairs mental health official and the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spoke at an event about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics for military veterans with PTSD.

A new study found that “the ability to purchase CBD legally leads to 6.6% to 8.1% fewer opioid prescriptions“—concluding that cannabidiol products “appear to be net substitutes for opioids.”

A new study from Leafly and Real Estate Witch found that home values have grown at a significantly higher rate in legal marijuana states compared to those that continue to criminalize cannabis—with the average price of a home now 41 percent higher where prohibition has ended than where it is ongoing.

The Maryland Senate Education, Energy and Environment Committee chairman is considering filing legislation to prevent counties from making crafty zoning moves to block marijuana businesses from opening


Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for allegedly once referring to marijuana as a “gateway drug.”


The North Carolina secretary of state’s office announced the seizure of $170,000 worth of THC-infused foods packaged to resemble major brands.

The South Dakota legislature’s Medical Marijuana Oversight Committee will meet on Monday.

A Wisconsin senator criticized Michigan’s approach to marijuana legalization, saying her plan for a limited medical cannabis law includes a “strong regulatory framework.”

The Ohio campaign working to defeat the marijuana legalization initiative on the November 7 ballot released a new ad.

Oklahoma laws enacting new medical cannabis restrictions took effect.

Oregon regulators are accepting public comments on proposed psilocybin services rules.

Virginia regulators plan to start tracking medical cannabis sales data in 2024.

California officials are seeking to hire a PR firm to promote the OCal program that enforces comparable-to-organic cannabis standards for cannabis.

The Rhode Island Cannabis Control Commission launched a website. Meanwhile, the Cannabis Advisory Board will hold its first public meeting on Thursday.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission will meet on Thursday.

Utah regulators will consider a medical cannabis business’s relocation plan on Thursday.

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Denver, Colorado officials sent a bulletin about marijuana products that are potentially contaminated with spider mites.

Stamford, Connecticut officials are urging a state court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging a zoning board decision to allow marijuana sales.


Interior ministers from German states sent a letter to lawmakers expressing concerns about the government’s marijuana legalization plan.


A study found that “medical cannabis is safe and highly effective for treating neuropathic pain and concomitant sleep disturbance.”

A study found that “cannabidiol decreased total seizures and seizure days compared to placebo when administered to dogs.”


The Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association is urging voters to reject the marijuana legalization initiative on the November 7 ballot.

The Massachusetts Medical Society will hold an event on psychedelics on Monday.


The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s cannabis-focused Hawthorne unit reported quarterly sales of $149.7 million.

Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. reported quarterly revenue of $77.8 million.

Groff NA Hemplex, one of eight businesses licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration to grow marijuana for research, has ended its operations following its founder’s death.

Glass House Brands Inc. has a new board member.

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