Neatleaf secures $4M investment for robotic farming tech

Neatleaf secures $4M investment for robotic farming tech

Nextleaf’s primary product monitors plant health in indoor cultivation environments

Santa Cruz-based Neatleaf raised $4 million in a funding round led by AgFunder, an investor focusing on the foodtech and agtech sectors.

Neatleaf, which specializes in agricultural technology, said it will use the funds to enhance its cultivation management platform.

The company’s primary product, the Neatleaf Spyder, is an autonomous robotic system designed for monitoring plant health in indoor cultivation environments. The system collects data on plant growth and health, which is then processed to assist in crop management.

Elmar Mair, founder and CEO of Neatleaf, said that the company’s technology focuses on utilizing data to improve crop production. The Neatleaf Spyder, according to Mair, is designed to identify potential issues in crop growth at an early stage.

“We believe that data is one of the most crucial tools a farmer can have today,” Mair said. “Our AI-driven technology will save growers time and money but more importantly, allows them to grow healthier, more profitable crops through daily management and forecasting tools. This funding will allow us to increase production and deliver the benefits of automation and AI to more growers.”

The technology developed by Neatleaf is intended to provide insights into plant health before such issues become apparent to the naked eye. It also allows for the analysis of growth conditions over various cycles and across different facilities.

Tom Shields, a partner at AgFunder who is slated to join Neatleaf’s board of directors, highlighted the role of data in agricultural advancements. Shields noted that Neatleaf’s approach to data capture could contribute to increased crop yields.

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