New Jersey Approves Cannabis Consumption Lounge Rules

New Jersey Approves Cannabis Consumption Lounge Rules

It is still unknown when applications will be accepted for lounges.

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission gave the formal thumbs up to a set of new rules for marijuana consumption lounges, paving the way for a new business model in the Garden State.

Under the framework approved Thursday, there are still a lot of questions yet to be answered, including a timeline of when lounge license applications will be released and accepted, according to But a rough plan was set down to let cannabis aficionados consume their purchases on-site after shopping.

Details of the plan include:

Each company can only operate one lounge, regardless of how many cannabis shops the company owns.
Food sales are prohibited, but customers can bring their own snacks with them.
Tobacco and alcohol sales are also strictly prohibited.
Medical marijuana patients can bring their own cannabis products with them into lounges.
All customers must be 21 or older with photo ID.

Lounge license fees will be $1,000 for microbusinesses and $5,000 for standard dispensaries.

The rules will be finalized and published in the New Jersey Register next month, reported.

Consumption lounges remain a niche within the larger cannabis sector, with only 11 other states allowing on-site consumption. One of the most progressive is Nevada, where lounges are specifically allowed to sell single-serving cannabis goods, akin to regular bars that serve alcohol.

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