NJ gov on cannabis homegrow (Newsletter: November 29, 2023)

NJ gov on cannabis homegrow (Newsletter: November 29, 2023)

NH legalization commission fumbles; Fetterman talks marijuana; WA psychedelics; Legal cannabis doesn’t increase youth use

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said he remains “very much open-minded” to legalizing home cultivation of marijuana—but that he still wants to give the licensed cannabis industry more time to mature before allowing people to grow their own.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) said his home state of Pennsylvania is getting “lapped” on marijuana legalization by other states that are enacting the “common sense” reform as GOP lawmakers refuse to abide by the will of voters who support it.

After months of hours-long meetings, a New Hampshire commission charged with proposing legislation to legalize marijuana sales through state-controlled stores ultimately failed to agree on a bill and decided to make no recommendation.

An Ohio Republican representative filed a bill to let cities ban marijuana use and home cultivation while also steering state cannabis revenue away from social equity and jobs programs and toward law enforcement.

Washington State activists are working to enact local psychedelics decriminalization measures in jurisdictions across the state, including Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane and Tacoma as well as King and San Juan counties.

A new federally funded study found that legalizing marijuana “did not lead to increased frequency of cannabis use” among young adults. It also determined that there was “lower frequency of alcohol and tobacco use coupled with increase in edibles”—suggesting a “substitution effect.”

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is hearing presentations from businesses this week with the expectation that regulators will begin issuing licenses again on Friday after two prior rounds of awards were rescinded.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) tweeted, “It was incredible to sit down with Al Harrington and @YahooNews’s @theMarquiseF to talk about how we’re working to pass the SAFER Banking Act, end the federal prohibition on cannabis, and make criminal justice reforms.”


Pennsylvania lawmakers discussed the prospects for legalizing marijuana and amending the current medical cannabis program.

An Indiana Republican senator said he supports legalizing marijuana but won’t be filing a bill to do it this session.

Details of New York regulators’ settlement agreement to allow marijuana dispensary licensing to go forward have been released.

California regulators are proposing to adopt changes to cannabis tax rules.

The Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management has a new implementation chief regulatory officer.

Massachusetts regulators published a bulletin on cannabinoid reporting by testing labs.

Virginia regulators released a report that concludes high medical cannabis prices are driving patients to other states to make purchases.

Oklahoma regulators touted a “drastic reduction” in illegal cannabis grow operations.

The Tennessee Medical Cannabis Commission will meet on Friday.

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New York City officials sent warning letters to landlords who are allegedly renting to unlicensed cannabis or tobacco businesses.


A New South Wales, Australia lawmaker plans to file a marijuana legalization bill on Wednesday.


A study concluded that “C. sativa essential oils characterized by high levels of sesquiterpenes can be promising candidates in the prevention/counteraction of neuroinflammation.”

A study found that “trait mindfulness, specifically description and non-judging of inner experience, was increased, and neuroticism was decreased after 4 weeks of [psychedelics microdosing] compared to baseline.”


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is funding research on cannabis-impaired driving.


Organigram Holdings Inc. is increasing its investment in Phylos Bioscience Inc.


Sharon Osbourne said she once pooped in her husband Ozzy’s marijuana stash.

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