WI gov’s cannabis pardons (Newsletter: November 27, 2023)

WI gov’s cannabis pardons (Newsletter: November 27, 2023)

HI AG defends legalization plan; CA & NY officials say buy marijuana for Black Friday; Ukraine medical cannabis delay; Study: Marijuana improves sleep

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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) issued pardons to dozens of people with marijuana convictions. The grants of clemency come as Republican legislative leaders refuse to take up cannabis legalization bills.

Hawaii Attorney General Anne Lopez’s (D) office is defending her marijuana legalization plan from law enforcement critics who argue it will cause public health and safety harms.

California and New York state officials urged people to buy marijuana for Black Friday.

A Ukrainian lawmaker said a planned final vote on a bill to legalize medical cannabis has been blocked as opponents file hundreds of “spam” amendments to procedurally delay passage.

A new federally funded study found that marijuana has “positive effects on subjective sleep quality” for people with anxiety.

“Compared to non-use, participants reported better sleep after cannabis-use-only and after co-use [with alcohol], but not after alcohol-use-only.”

Attorney Lee Seham, who has represented people who were fired for cannabis, argues in a new Marijuana Moment op-ed that employers need to recognize that societal attitudes are changing and stop terminating workers over THC tests without second chances.

St. Louis, Missouri will lose out on a half-million dollars in marijuana revenue after the city failed to submit documents on a timely basis to state officials about a local cannabis tax that voters approved.


A federal court will hear oral arguments in a case on whether a safe consumption for illegal drugs can open in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 4.

Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) wrote in a constituent letter that the “upsides” of a marijuana banking bill are “overstated.”


About 42 percent of people granted clemency by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) had been convicted of drug crimes.

An Ohio GOP representative said his support for legalizing marijuana is “consistent with a traditional Republican platform.”

An Indiana representative said he wishes voters had the opportunity to legalize marijuana through a ballot initiative.

Virginia regulators filed rules clarifying that marijuana is reportable in random drug tests for branch pilots.

Minnesota regulators published guidance on hemp-derived cannabinoid product compliance.

New York regulators posted an interactive map of historical marijuana enforcement to show which areas were most impacted by prohibition for the purposes of qualifying for cannabis social equity business licenses.

Iowa regulators will hold a public hearing on medical cannabis rules on Tuesday.

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The Dubuque, Iowa City Council included marijuana reform in its list of 2024 state legislative priorities.


Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reiterated his opposition to an International Criminal Court investigation of the country’s bloody “war on drugs.”

The Isle of Man’s health minister said a medical cannabis pilot program will continue while a longer-term policy is considered.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliamentary Assembly hosted a medical cannabis conference.


A study found that “administration of CBD demonstrated a protective effect against Aβ toxicity both in vitro and in vivo, along with an amelioration of cognitive impairment in mice,” supporting “the potential inclusion of CBD in future nutritional guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease prevention.”


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board is criticizing officials for missing a deadline to inform state officials about a local marijuana tax.


Canadian retailers sold C$440 million worth of legal cannabis products in September.


Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

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