An In-depth Look at Trichome Density & Cannabinoid Content in Cannabis Plants

An In-depth Look at Trichome Density & Cannabinoid Content in Cannabis Plants


The cannabis plant is a complex organism with a myriad of compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. The distribution of these compounds varies within different parts of the plant, ranging from roots to flowers. Understanding the trichome density in these regions is crucial for cannabis utilization, especially in medical applications.

Distribution of Active Compounds in Cannabis


Trichome Density: Very low
Active Compounds: Negligible levels of cannabinoids
Terpenoids and Flavonoids: Minimal to none


Trichome Density: Low
Active Compounds: Trace amounts of cannabinoids
Terpenoids and Flavonoids: Some, mostly as precursors


Trichome Density: Medium
Active Compounds: Moderate levels of CBD, lower levels of THC
Terpenoids and Flavonoids: Significant levels in the glandular trichomes (Andre et al., 2016)


Trichome Density: High to Very High
Active Compounds: Highest concentration of THC and CBD
Terpenoids and Flavonoids: Abundant, especially in capitate-stalked trichomes (Russo, 2011)

Chart Timeline: Trichome Density Across Cannabis Plant Parts

Plant PartTrichome Density
RootsVery Low
FlowersHigh to Very High


Individuals with certain medical conditions like epilepsy, anxiety disorders, or cardiovascular issues should exercise caution when using cannabinoids. For specialized guidance tailored to your healthcare needs, consider contacting Dr. Caplan at CED Clinic.


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