Dosist Expands to East Coast, Overseas Following Acquisition

Dosist Expands to East Coast, Overseas Following Acquisition

The purchaser has been involved with dosist since its inception.

Dosist’s reach just got wider, as the brand will now be available in New York, Florida, and several international markets, including Canada, following its acquisition by Final Bell Holdings International Ltd.

The deal is set to accelerate the availability of dosist’s products, which include targeted formulas, dose-controlled devices, and fast-acting gummies.

“With Final Bell’s acquisition, dosist will grow and become more accessible for those wanting a companion to a healthy and active way of life,” founder Jason DeLand told Green Market Report in an email. “Expanding to the East Coast, particularly New York, is exciting. The Final Bell team has deep ties in New York, and our customers have long wanted us there.”

In a news release, DeLand reiterated the brand’s commitment to its core values of simplicity, design, and innovation.

Final Bell CEO Robert Meyer expressed optimism about incorporating dosist into its portfolio.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to build upon the foundation this brand has built and will aggressively scale its footprint, bringing dosist’s products to new geographies, and introducing a new vision for the brand that include an exciting line expansion that marries its pioneering, patented technology with the cannabis products core consumers want most,” Meyer said.

Final Bell’s subsidiary, 14TH Round, has been involved with dosist since its inception, primarily in hardware and packaging manufacturing. That preexisting relationship is expected to facilitate the scaling of dosist under Final Bell’s management.

Dosist was established in 2016 and has been known for its effects-based products, targeting specific needs like calm, bliss, sleep, and arousal. The brand’s approach to classifying its products based on desired effects was novel in the cannabis industry and has been recognized for its innovation.

With the completion of the acquisition, dosist will “immediately into New York and Florida,” a spokesperson told Green Market Report.

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