Inside the Mind of Storz & Bickel’s Jürgen Bickel

Inside the Mind of Storz & Bickel’s Jürgen Bickel

Jürgen Bickel, alongside Markus Storz, has been instrumental in establishing Storz & Bickel as a leader in high-end vaporizers, particularly the popular Volcano Vaporizer with its unique balloon-style vapor delivery and precision German engineering.

But that quality and reputation comes with a hefty price tag. Even so, the products continue to attract a loyal customer base.

Bickel recently sat down with Green Market Report to speak about the team’s newest release, the Venty, at the company’s release party in New York City.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

I’ve heard people call you the Apple of cannabis vaporizers. How does it feel to finally release another huge product design?

Oh, it feels great.

We started to think about this back in 2016, as to what we want to do. And then we needed some time to have this heater really developed to how it works today. But yeah, I think we found a good solution.

It’s like a, let’s say, like a small baby was born and so we’re very happy And at the moment obviously the reactions are good and the device works right. So yeah, it’s a good moment.

I’m sure you guys have high standards when it comes to design?

Really we have. The whole thing is always functionality. But then it comes safety. You have a lot of energy in your hands, so it must really work. It must be safe.

And it is UL certified. An external lab tests everything, so there’s a lot of work in it.

What early prototype ideas did you want to implement but you maybe had a compromise for the sake of the overall mission?

I mean, of course you compromise in size obviously. You have two batteries, and the heater itself is very small. And this cooling unit, we did not (have) much compromises; it’s even patented.

The main compromise is size and it’s price. Because all these technologies and all the sensors infused and stuff and everything built in at the end of course has its cost. So, maybe we can say you compromise on size and price.

Your products are pretty much the standard when it comes to cannabis vaporizers. But for those who already own a Crafty or a Mighty (handhelds), why should they get a Venty at that price?

If they put a lot of emphasis in heat up time and in airflow, if these are two things they think could be better, then they should upgrade.

At the same time, a Mighty Plus is an excellent product. It still works very, very good. And with the Mighty and Crafty you also see with these cooling units, many times when the airflow goes down, it’s also because the cooling unit is not clean.

So overall, of course, every customer with a Mighty is welcome to purchase and will see the benefits. But at the same time, our devices are long lasting and you want people to have a long time, a good companion that works for them. And we have so many clients with Volcanos working 15, 20 years and that’s great feedback.

Let’s say you want to gift this to a family member or someone like that, how would you persuade them to use the device?

If they use something else, like a pre-roll, I would say that this is the nicest way to use flower. It’s the smoothest way, it’s the best tasting. It almost tastes like it smells. You get what you smelled before you get in the taste of the vapor.

And it’s also the healthiest way. You don’t have combustion.

It’s also very consistent. You repeat it, and you get always the same result out of it. So, it is my point of view, the only way really to use flower is by vaping – and obviously vaping with our devices.

What are the most important things for Storz & Bickel when developing products?

We have two things that are important to us. First is functionality, and then the second thing is safety.

You must build this as safe as possible in the standard of a medical device. Because at the end of the day, if you use cannabis recreationally or medically, both times you inhale and you use your lungs to transfer to active ingredient into your body.

I think the recreational user also deserves medical standard devices that are approved and externally certified. Of course everybody can follow the line, but this is what S&B stands for.

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